The following individuals are responsible for co-ordinating all of the choir’s activities. Thank you to each of them for their hard work and dedication.

Honorary Patrons

Howard Dyck, C.M., Founding Artistic Director and Conductor of Consort Caritatis, Artistic Director Emeritus of Grand Philharmonic Choir, Conductor Emeritus of Bach Elgar Choir

Eric Friesen, Writer, Speaker and Broadcaster

Abner Martin, Founding Artistic Director and Conductor of the Menno Singers

Stéphane Potvin, Founding Artistic Director of Musikay, Artistic Director of Villanella, Music Director of the Rosewood Consort

Catherine Robbin, O.C., Mezzo-Soprano, Director of Classical Vocal Studies, York University

Honorary Members

Dr. Robert Loewen, Founding Conductor
Emily Burgetz, Founder
Lee Bartel, Former Conductor

In Memoriam

John Ford, Former Conductor
Ron Sawatsky, Founding President


Board of Directors

Carol Ringer, Chair
Emily Burgetz, President and past Chair
Dermot Muir, Vice-Chair
Juliette Sweeney, Treasurer
Carmen Wiebe, Secretary
Deborah Barretto
John Casey
Ron Knowles
Bruce Peer

Pax Christi Chorale Volunteer Group

Emily Burgetz, President
Virginia Evoy, Vice-President
Richard Diver, General Receipting Manager
Ron Greaves, Box Office Manager
David Pabke, Assistant to the Treasurer
Lois Burkholder, Music Librarian
Ann Power, Registrar

Artistic and Choir Administration

Stephanie Martin, Artistic Director
Daniel Norman, Associate Conductor
Jennifer Collins, General Manager



Volunteers are such a vital part of our organization, whether they are helping with Front-of-House at our concerts, assisting at fundraisers, serving on our Board of Directors or helping with the day-to-day operations. Pax Christi Chorale is grateful to each and every one of them. We welcome new volunteers to join us, particularly in the area of fundraising.

If you have a special skill or interest and would like to volunteer for Pax Christi Chorale, please contact our General Manager, Jennifer Collins: